4 Easy Sides for Your Labor Day Cookout

Summer is almost over, and it’s time for the final cookouts and barbecues of the season. Impress your guests with these easy side dishes that will keep them coming back for seconds!

Watermelon Feta Salad

If you make this salad, your guests will be in for a refreshing summertime treat. This side takes less than five minutes to make and pairs perfectly with grilled chicken and steak.

Root Beer Baked Beans

This is an unexpected twist on a classic BBQ side! Cook up some bacon and onions, and add some canned baked beans, root beer, BBQ sauce, mustard, and hot sauce for a delicious side that will steal the show.

Mexican Grilled Corn

Add some sophistication and flavor to your typical corn on the cob side dish with this recipe. You can prepare each ear of corn yourself, or let guests have some fun and make their own.

Smoky Guacamole

Step up your guacamole game by throwing your avocadoes on the grill before mashing them up. This will add a smoky flavor and spice up any event!

Think you’ll still be hungry after devouring these mouth-watering sides? Check out our post, “4 Desserts You Need to Have at Your Summer Cookout” for some post-meal inspiration.

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