7 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Space this January

Now that your holiday decorations are tucked away, it’s time to clean, tidy, and give your space a makeover. We’ve rounded up simple style trends that’ll give your house a quick, budget-friendly refresh without a complete overhaul.

  1. Make a first impression. What better way to welcome in a new year than by refreshing your front door? Up your curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint, a new wreath, and a friendly doormat to greet your guests. When the weather warms up, add a pop of color with planters full of seasonal flowers.
  2. Declutter with decorative baskets. Wicker baskets are a functional AND aesthetic solution for tucking away the clutter that gets left out like throw blankets, shoes, and toys. The baskets will also bring neutral tones and texture to the corners of your rooms that make it easy to tidy up.
  3. Welcome white space. White cabinets, neutral walls, and plenty of natural light are the key components of any open and airy feeling room. Refreshing your room with a new coat of paint is a cost-effective way to open your space.
  4. Go green. Plants are an easy way to make the spaces around your home feel warm and full of life. From rubber trees to fiddle leaf figs, plants are a great way to purify the air and add a restful ambiance to your home – and research shows that being around greenery improves concentration, boosts your mood, and reduces stress levels.
  5. Incorporate rich textures and colors. Add pops of color and rich textures to your space to liven the room. From faux-fur pillows to patterned accents rugs, carefully selected statement pieces can brighten any room.
  6. Add vintage touches. Everything comes back in style eventually, right? Turn an afternoon of local thrifting into interior design. From copper tea kettles to vintage mirrors, vintage touches are a trend that’s here to stay.
  7. Beautify your bookshelves. Did you know one of the most practical pieces of furniture in your space can be an opportunity to showcase your interests and unique style? Curate your bookshelves with items beyond books, like picture frames, vases, and plants. #shelfie


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