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TownSq Keeps Communities Connected During COVID–19 Crisis

During the uncertainty of the COVID -19 crisis, people are searching for ways to connect with experts, co-workers, friends, neighbors, and their community. They are accomplishing this by using technology including virtual meetings, webinars, and conference call services. In the community management industry, residents are turning to the all-in-one communication app, TownSq.

TownSq is the leading, global communication app used by HOAs for better community living. Available to more than five million homeowners worldwide, TownSq delivers the most complete, mobile community experience by helping residents connect, collaborate, and stay informed on everything happening in their community—from daily management and ongoing maintenance to community programs and events.

TownSq’s main objective is to bring a sense of community to neighborhoods and residents. During this unpredictable time, it has been inspiring to witness the strength and adaptability of people everywhere. Specifically, individuals finding new and creative ways to communicate and build resilient communities all while social distancing.

One of TownSq’s avid users recently spoke to the team about how her community, Totten Mews HOA, has been affected by COVID-19 and her continued efforts to keep crucial programs afloat. She shared that her community operates a much-needed food bank, which required additional volunteers to continue to serve, particularly with the increase of financial hardships many now face. Through the use of TownSq, that community posted an urgent request for more volunteers and were able to fill all necessary shifts for the foodbank. Since then, they have been able to distribute more meals to those in need.

From the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, TownSq has tracked a dramatic increase in platform engagement. Residents have taken social distancing seriously with a 45% decrease in visitor requests and an uptick in package deliveries, neighbors helping neighbors, and vital communications from boards of directors to residents.

“We see this exponential growth as a strong sign of effective communication amongst our customers. It shows that people are looking for new ways to connect and help each other during this time,” stated Luis Lafer-Sousa, TownSq president US.  “Communication between residents is surging with an outpouring of support for those most at-risk in communities. For homeowners, they understand the importance of community connection and recognize the value of virtual tools to facilitate those connections. They see their boards and management companies as trusted partners, and we see this clearly reflected in the manner in which people are using TownSq.”

#StayHome: People are taking guidelines seriously and making sacrifices

Everyone is making sacrifices during this time and adjusting their regular routines and habits. TownSq has analyzed the platform trends resulting in access-controlled communities’ guest invitations dropping more than 50% in the first week alone. Residents are forgoing seeing friends and family and canceling events to ensure they are doing their part to flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID -19.

Another interesting statistic is the drastic increase in package deliveries to communities. As COVID-19 concerns began growing in late-February and early-March, deliveries to communities started to increase to levels generally seen around the holiday season. Homeowners are social distancing while maintaining necessary supplies and avoiding crowded grocery stores and markets.

Neighbors helping neighbors

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that certain groups have an elevated risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID -19, including people over 65 years of age and those with underlying medical conditions.

As a result, one thing that is growing organically in communities is solidarity: younger residents are offering to help with things like picking up groceries or other essentials for residents that are in the high-risk group. That shows an altruistic desire for people to naturally want to help those that need it most during these times.

The Watermark resident, Al Behr, recently posted that he uses TownSq to stay connected with those in his community and stay up to date on important developments while staying safe in his home. He boasted that his neighbors are volunteering to go shopping for others who might be afraid to go to the store during this period.

Technology is key to effective communication

As more strict guidelines get put into place, and more people are operating from home,  individuals and companies are looking for new tools to help improve communication during the crisis. In communities and HOAs, this essential need is equally present; effective communication is the key to making sure every resident is informed properly and up to date on important community news. Again, TownSq has seen an increased trend of board members and managers publishing 92% more critical announcements and documents during this time.

“Announcement growth is directly tied to managers and boards making relevant information available to all residents in real-time. The need for urgent news has increased, so we are seeing the results of the platform accommodating that need,” added Lafer-Sousa.

How can TownSq help your community

TownSq understands how crucial it is to stay connected during times of crisis. That is why we are offering the communication features for free for 90 days to new customers including:

  • Real-time updates of the latest news for all homeowners
  • Resident forum to stay connected
  • Targeted communications to board members and committees
  • Access to important documents and rules
  • Management requests with customized categories and permissions
  • Group communication and collaboration
  • Polling and voting on key decisions

Any community can take advantage of TownSq’s one-of-a-kind communication features.

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