Done in a Cinch: How to Make Cleaning Less of a Chore

Cleaning is a task that almost no one likes to do, but it must get done. However, contrary to popular belief, cleaning doesn’t have to be miserable. Try the tips below and see for yourself how to make cleaning less of a chore.

  1. Clean as you go throughout your day.

Cleaning as you go will make your deep clean seem less daunting. Wash your dishes right after you cook, vacuum or dust end tables when you have a few extra minutes, and fold your laundry when it’s done. These tasks may take a few extra minutes out of your day, but small habits make a big difference.

  1. Set a schedule.

If you don’t have time to do one big clean up, divide it up. Make Tuesdays for cleaning the bathroom, Wednesdays for the kitchen, and Thursdays for your bedroom – or whatever fits your schedule. Knowing you only have to tackle one room or one set of tasks makes cleaning much more bearable and helps keep you focused.

  1. Get the right products.

Having the right tools on hand makes cleaning a lot easier. This simple trick will get you motivated and leave no room for excuses. And when you get new products, you may even be a little excited to try them out and experiment.

  1. Stay entertained.

Believe it or not, cleaning is a great time to multitask. Pass the time by listening to an audiobook or podcast, catching up on a tv show, or making phone calls. Staying entertained will make the time fly by and you’ll feel twice as productive.

  1. Reward yourself.

Cleaning isn’t always easy, so when you’re finished, reward yourself. Treat yourself to your favorite snack, or even a power nap. When you know that there is something in it for you at the end (other than a clean house), it’ll be easier to convince yourself to get started, and you may even finish faster.

What are your favorite ways to make cleaning feel like less of a chore? Share in the comments!


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