how technology can transform your management company

Ebook: How Technology can Transform your Management Company

There is no doubt that technology can help businesses streamline processes and grow revenue. Still, business owners often find adopting new technology into the fabric of their business an overwhelming headache. 

Specifically, management company executives often battle with time constraints, expenses, and stress in the association management industry. Interestingly, these stressors stem from various technological solutions that are supposed to help managers streamline their processes. Still, there are too many solutions being utilized most of the time, leaving managers stretched too thin across too many services. 

But, when an association management company utilizes a purpose-built solution for their needs, with all of the answers to their problem in one place, the stress begins to alleviate. When managers have too many technological solutions that aren’t getting the job done or providing the results they seek, they become less attracted to change from a technology perspective. This makes them less likely to adapt to the times and increases failure and decreases revenue. 

With all this being said, we’re happy to educate the industry on something that has been overlooked for a long, long time: a technology solution that DOES work for association managers, a solution that optimizes time management, increases efficiency that comes backed by complex data and showcases proven results time after time. There are technology solutions that can deliver the results your business is striving towards, and that is the purpose of TownSq’s newest ebook, How Technology Can Transform Your Management Company.”

Ebook Highlights

Tehe technology landscape and association management today

With the pandemic causing massive waves of change across multiple industries over the last year and a half, the association management industry was forced to make a technological pivot, creating a more remote and robust strategy for success. In the first pages of the ebook, we look at how the pandemic affected the industry and see how the use of technology came to play a pivotal role in its continued success. 

Tools to help communities and those who live in them

Technology should be a tool to make everyone’s lives easier. It should create more time in your day at work; it should make simple tasks even more manageable. As more people adopt different forms of technology into their business processes, the more streamlined and successful they can become. In this chapter of the ebook, we do a deep dive into the benefits of utilizing a strategy built around technology.

How technology bridges managers, boards, and homeowners

As the demand for remote operations increased, management companies

were forced to adapt or risk failure technologically. A necessity for digital features such as online payments, digital voting, or virtual board meetings became increasingly important. With an increase of digital tools across the entire community management experience, homeowners’ lives are made more accessible, thereby increasing satisfaction and alleviating stress off of the shoulders of community board members and association managers. In this section of the ebook, we discuss some of the various tools communities and their management companies utilize to increase efficiency and overall satisfaction.

Using software to streamline a management company  

This chapter uses our software, TownSq, as an example of the technology solutions that can help build an association management company overnight. TownSq has a full suite of product offerings to help association management companies increase communication, collaboration, revenue, and customer satisfaction. One of the most popular tools that managers can purchase is the “Requests” function, which allows homeowners and board members to submit a message request to their property management company on an as-needed basis, which directly removes the need for countless emails back forth. Read more from this chapter to receive more information and analysis on some of the other most popular tools accessible in the TownSq suite.

What’s next for association management and its technology

At the end of our ebook, we discuss where the road leads to next. We look into the signs that are being shown currently in the industry that point towards increased innovation or changes in trends as time goes on. From a decrease in the industry’s average age to an increase in the use of technology in every facet of life, we walk down the road with you as a guide to help you navigate the change points of the industry that are just over the horizon. 

Free Case Study of Goodwin & Company, an association management company utilizing TownSq

Upon reaching the end of the ebook, you’ll find an excellent example of a successful association management company that utilized technology during the pandemic and saw overnight success because of it. The numbers don’t lie! Technology can help you build your management company, so don’t be afraid to leap.

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