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How Communities Are Feeling and Staying Safe During COVID-19

Dallas, TX, Oct. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TownSq (pronounced Town Square) recently conducted a public survey that assessed how residents are feeling and how they are staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey offered results from more than 70,000 homes across the United States. 

As the largest communications platform in the community management industry, TownSq is the go-to solution for data, analytics, and intelligence for communities and board members. In August 2020, TownSq developed an in-depth survey to better understand how communities, residents, board members, and management companies are adapting to COVID-19 and what they are doing to stay safe and stay connected. To view the survey data in full, an ebook is available now

TownSq’s public survey collected real-time data which provided insight regarding the decisions boards are making to keep communities safe and connected during the pandemic. It also highlighted two important areas where communities still needed improvement – technology and communication.       


Changes made in the community to keep residents safe

Here is a sneak peek of the results from the survey, taken from each chapter of the ebook: 

Resident profiles 

 The first chapter outlines how participants helped TownSq garner results. Highlighting that 68% of respondents were members of an HOA controlled community, while 25% of respondents lived in a condominium. 


The results from the next chapter allow readers to understand the functionality of a community and how it helps navigate residents through a crisis. This is a deep dive into the intrinsic value of the community’s effect on homeowners. In the survey, results demonstrated that all communities have one thing in common since the pandemic hit: common areas, select amenities, and pools have all been closed.

Changes caused by the pandemic

 How a “new normal” has residents and communities making adjustments to live safely. This chapter details the specific changes implemented by boards and property managers to help keep homeowners and residents safe. Residents were asked, “how safe do you feel within your community during this pandemic?” with 87% stating they felt extremely safe in their communities. 

Communication evolution

 How communities maintain communication while social distancing, as well as how they have had to adapt and innovate technologies to ensure the safety of homeowners and residents. The survey highlighted the need for better innovation and communication in communities. 

Board decisions

 The impact of board decisions on homeowners, communities, and properties. A look at how board decisions are keeping communities as safe as possible.

The future of communities

 What people expect for the future of their homes, communities, and neighbors, as well as a post-pandemic community. When residents were asked how long their community’s new cleaning and safety initiatives would be in place, 33% responded that they would only be in place until the pandemic was over, while 24% were not even sure how to answer. 

To view additional data collected by the TownSq survey, the ebook is available now. 

TownSq works to leverage a communication solution that keeps residents, homeowners, boards, and communities safe and connected as well as helps community leaders better navigate the current situation. With the power of the TownSq app, users have the ability to practice social distancing while continuing to operate the community as usual, communicate effectively, and stay connected.

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