The Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Using ‘My Documents’ in TownSq

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Using ‘My Documents’ in TownSq

Last month, TownSq provided residents and community managers a new way to safely manage and store their important property files with the release of the ‘My Documents’ feature. Keep reading to learn how this useful feature will organize and simplify your life as a homeowner and directly add value to your home when it comes time to sell!

#1: Recordkeeping of Key Home Documents

The My Documents feature allows TownSq users to store ALL important home records in one secured location. Users have the liberty of categorizing these files for complete organization, although classifying is not a requirement. Cataloguing physical copies of appliance manuals, paint color codes, maintenance records, etc. that relate to your home is a chore, and frankly, I find it difficult to merely retain these piles of paper, let alone keep them organized. Using My Documents you can safely store digital copies of your key home documents in one safe place on TownSq’s secured platform. Forget hours of rummaging through cluttered drawers to hopelessly find a record of a home repair maintenance receipt from years ago or an HVAC service provider’s contact number for an urgent repair of an air-conditioning unit. After receiving your key home docs, simply save to My Documents and label as needed. If you already have physical copies of this important information, simply scan a copy and upload (and use the bulk upload feature to quickly migrate a library in!). No more frantically rummaging for home warranty information or losing track of your home’s history of performed maintenances. Merely log into your TownSq account, click My Documents and choose your document of choice.

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#2: ‘Carfax’ for Homes

If you are a reader that has sold a previous home, you understand how thorough savvy house hunters are when evaluating and inspecting a house. Reap your property’s value by demonstrating your role as a responsible homeowner that took fantastic care of the property. Verify that you kept up-to-date with the property’s maintenance by presenting your library of records from ‘My Documents’ (and don’t worry, it is completely up to you if you would like to share these documents with the next owner or not!). On move-in day, the buyer will enjoy the convenience of your records of digital manuals for each appliance. If your new neighborhood is one of the tens of thousands of TownSq communities across the country, you will appreciate this exact benefit! Realtors have already started asking potential sellers for their home’s history from TownSq, and we are working closely with developers and builders to ensure digital libraries for new homes are ready from day one.

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#3: Receive Tax Benefits

Did you purchase an energy efficiency upgrade, such as solar technology or fuel cells, to your home? If so, store these records in ‘My Documents’ to be prepared for tax season. The federal government will award tax credits for qualifying homes that upgraded to improve energy efficiency, so it is important these records are accessible when applying . If you decide to put your house on the market, each home improvement can add to the basis in your home and potentially reduce the amount subject to capital gains taxes. It is easy to overlook an improvement when recalling the entire history of your property, so keeping all records in one safe location to guarantee that you are prepared to document your work and investments.

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#4 Architectural Request Documentation and Approvals

If you are a homeowner that received an inaccurate violation from your association for an approved home renovation, swiftly combat the notice by simply forwarding your architectural review approval or blueprint concerning your home’s design or remodeling project. Eliminate unnecessary stress and lost time searching for physical copies of the approval by simply accessing your My Documents feature and successfully handling the misunderstanding. It is important to retain and track any notices from your association. Ensure these notices remain confidential and easy to access in the future using the My Documents feature. Plus, be ready to provide the approval history of your architectural changes to the next buyer during the closing process when selling your home.

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#5: Receiving Digital Copies of Notices from Management

It is wise to retain and safely store any home inspections, fines or violation notices that you receive from your association. Ensure these notices remain confidential and easy to access for the future by using the My Documents feature. In fact, in most TownSq communities, your management team is automatically placing these notices in ‘My Documents’ on your behalf! Some homeowners can be unsure of the technicalities of governance applied to their homeowner’s association. If you are unclear, speak with your community manager and use the My Documents feature to easily accesses any past notices and clear up any confusion.

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