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Individuals are Creatively Fostering Online Connections During Quarantine

Individuals across the world are discovering their creativity during the quarantine. On March 22, Barbara Duriau launched a Facebook group titled View From My Window to connect interested and creative individuals from all over the globe as they remained cooped inside their homes during the pandemic.

Should you see the rooftop of your town, overview a park, your tiny garden, see buildings, the ocean or a tiny street, our idea is for you to share the atmosphere of your daily Life, from BEHIND YOUR WINDOW, where you live during Covid-19 lockdown.

The public page’s 2,315,510 members enjoy daily views from the windows of their fellow quarantiners’ residences in diverse cities such as Brussels, Belgium; Paris, France; and São Paulo, Brazil. Shannon Hartman Cannings, a Lubbock, Texas native, shared a photo of her multicolored patio. “I painted my new fence to look like 170 different colored pencils. It has been my pandemic therapy,” Cannings shared on her post. 


On April 14th, Shirley Cisneros Porter of Laguna Beach, California brought smiles to her neighbors’ faces when she took her four rescued huskies on a morning walk. Neighborhood walks with pets may seem like a normal occurrence, but the pack, including Porter, sported costumes of individual rainbows. “Just doing what I can to cheer up the neighborhood,” the self-proclaimed fur mom told the Woof Woof Facebook account dedicated to “bringing together dog lovers from across the Globe! One Paw at a time.” Porter posted a video her neighbor took to her Instagram account with the caption “Everyone needs a little rainbow right about now,” and we couldn’t agree more. Take it from the TownSq team in the lime green with the robotic mascot–if you can’t fit in, stand out.

New York City mom Shannon Hartman Cannings uncovered her creative talent when she started making COVID-19 parody covers from acclaimed children’s books. A few weeks into social distancing, Stefanie Trilling haphazardly picked up a paintbrush and children’s book from her toddlers’ collections of classics. Trilling’s family’s apartment sits next to four major NYC hospitals, and the mother of two was eager to distract her children from the chaos outside (and admittedly, herself) from the ambiguous future.


I sought a way to distract myself and my children from the constant sirens outside our window. One day, I was painting with my kids to occupy our minds, and I started copying the first thing I saw—a book we had read earlier in the day. To make coronavirus less scary, I cartoonified the virus within my painting,” Trilling recalled during an interview with Scary Mommy. “My children loved it and it opened the channels for easier communication about our fears. Now, it’s serving as a medium for demonstrating how social distancing can bring people together and unite us around empathy. https://www.scarymommy.com/mom-turns-children-s-book-covers-coronavirus-scenes/


With fluctuating CDC health regulations and conflicting news reports, it is understandable that some parents have found it difficult to explain to their children why life as they knew it is temporarily paused. Thankfully Trilling’s ‘Cartoonifying’ COVID-19 has facilitated communication between children and their parents across the nation. Kids have an impressive ability to sense tension in their parents, and if these classic children’s books refurbished for the age of coronavirus crack a smile on the narrating parent while helping the child learn about the virus through comforting characters, it is a win-win for all! Trilling titled her project Children’s Books for Pandemics and the Facebook account has already gained over 16,000 followers. Interested in viewing Trilling’s full collection or even purchasing a piece of her art? Fans can also check out her Instagram account where she posts her latest work in addition to updates on her plans to launch a program that will give the proceeds acquired from her art to victims affected by COVID-19, specifically youth residing in underserved communities.


I personally am looking forward to when Goodnight Zoom becomes Goodbye Zoom…or, oh the Places You’ll Now Go.

Share with us on Facebook or Instagram  your story of creativity while quarantining at home, especially when it comes to your community and putting a smile on your neighbor’s face!

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