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TownSq Connects Communities Faster With Global Announcements Feature

TownSq (pronounced Town Square) is connecting communities faster, with real-time communications through its global announcements feature. This time-saving function is critical during disaster situations, such as a hurricane, where important information can be delivered to hundreds of associations in less than a few minutes.

With hurricane season in full swing, having the ability to communicate with more communities and residents faster, in real-time, is a game-changer and in some cases, a lifesaver. The TownSq app, which is available to more than 6 million users worldwide, offers users several essential benefits, including the ability to send out direct communications, at the push of a button, to multiple communities, board members, community managers, homeowners, and tenants.

The global announcements functionality allows community managers to create and send out communications to multiple communities at once. This feature is part of TownSq Business, which gives community managers access to tools and data intelligence to manage a portfolio of associations with ease.

“Last month, Hurricane Laura swept through Texas and Louisiana and devastated many communities. During that intense time, our clients were able to use the global announcements feature, on their TownSq app, to send out mass communications to their entire portfolio of associations, in just minutes,” stated Dora Parker, Principal Management Group of Houston president and TownSq client. “Before this feature was created, it would take community managers approximately one minute per association to send out communications. The global announcements feature has reduced that critical timeframe by hours resulting in real-time information reaching residents faster.”

Results from the recent TownSq client data showed that during Hurricane Laura, clients were able to send urgent communications to more than 400 community associations in less than two minutes. These results are not only impressive but critical to community and resident safety, especially during hurricane season.

TownSq is available now, on iTunes and Google Play.

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